Integrating Technology, Experience and Knowledge

Recognized as a leader in the industry, ALAW is guided by a dynamic team of industry veterans with a proven track record of success. With notable expertise and a keen understanding of the ever-changing legal landscape, the ALAW team is committed to superior performance through proactive thinking and technological innovation.

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James E. Albertelli, Esq.

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan D. Sawyer, Esq.

Managing Partner, Title and Settlement

Clay Cornett, Esq.

Managing Partner, Client Relations

Stuart Smith, Esq.

Managing Partner, Default Services

Nate Gryglewicz, Esq.

Partner, Florida Foreclosure

Ashley De Cubas, Esq.

Managing Partner, Firm Administration

Stacy Mestayer, Esq.

Managing Partner, Data and Technology Solutions

Brian Widener, Esq.

Managing Attorney

Kris Felty ALAW

Kriss Felty, Esq.

Partner, Albertelli Law Partners Ohio

Mark Lembright

Mark Lembright, Esq.

Partner, Albertelli Law Partners Ohio

Antonio scarlato

Antonio Scarlato, Esq.

Partner, Albertelli Law Partners Ohio

Scott Barnes

Senior Operations Advisor

John Shelley

Executive Vice President, Operations

Joshua Knight, Esq.

Senior Managing Counsel, General Litigation

Lauren Heggestad, Esq.

Senior Managing Counsel, Florida Foreclosure Litigation

Scott Walter

Chief Operations Officer

Angela Little CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Ann Richardson

Ann Richardson

Director, Default Operations Support

Justin Ritchie, Esq.

Senior Managing Counsel, Florida Foreclosure Operations

George Albertelli

Chief Financial Officer, Emeritus

Ryan Cook

Executive Vice President / Controller

Kenneth Quantie

Senior Vice President, National Title Operations

Kelley Dodge

Kelley Dodge

Vice President, Human Resources

Jeffrey Fraser, Esq.

Senior Managing Counsel, Bankruptcy

Coury Jacocks, Esq.

Managing Attorney, Texas Default

James McPherson

Managing Attorney, Arkansas

Michael Spicer, Esq.

Managing Attorney, North Carolina Default

Natalia Larson, Esq.

Senior Managing Counsel, Compliance

Kirsten Piechotta

Director, First Legal

Sady Mauldin, Esq.

Managing Attorney, Alabama

Phil Reznik, Esq.

Senior Managing Counsel, Florida Foreclosure Operations

William Koehler, Esq.

Managing Attorney, South Carolina

Johanna Harrington, Esq.

Managing Attorney, U.S. Virgin Islands